Project Griffon
The Shadow Of Time

Fully automated weapon systems design and pit themselves against each other in a secret underground facility, completely devoid of organic life. Their goal is to discover a weakness in the Terrachnid, a bug-like foe that has never been beaten. It fights in multiple dimensions, and can even bend time itself.

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You take on the roll of the Griffon--the only remaining artificial intelligence to have survived in the Terrachnid war. However, the war destroyed most of your memory, and only glimpses of your foe remain.

Part mystery, part action-adventure, Griffon - The Shadow Of Time is a game you won’t soon put down. The demo includes the Proving Grounds, where you learn the basics of Airframe Combat, and how to control the Griffon, a massive, agile, flying tank, that can land on two powerful legs, and absorb power from the area around it.

The full version includes:

  1. *Deployable turrets to watch your back

  2. *Artificial intelligence driven enemies and allies

  3. *Non-linear gameplay

  4. *More weapons

  5. *6 massive levels

  6. *Incredible Power-Ups

  7. *Time Dilation

  8. *Thousands of enemies

  9. *Enough ammunition to kill thousands of enemies

  10. *A very, very angry enemy.

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Hold up!

Monday, April 26th, 2010.

I received several valid complaints about the difficulty of the demo over the weekend.

Unfortunately, I’ve had people testing this for so long that they’d forgotten what it was like to be a new player, so none of them noticed. I’m tweaking this now, and a new version will grace this page later today!